About Us

I am a smart woman but the wallets and purses I was using made me feel disorganized. I couldn’t find what I need; it was there somewhere … but where? It wasn’t me that was disorganized it was the wallet and purse!

I started my business designing clever accessories because women have come so far, our accessories shouldn’t be holding us back. A clever accessory empowers us to be the person we have the full potential to be, without having to stop and think 'where is my'.

Each accessory in my range is thoughtfully designed. I make purses, wallets and pocket aprons so you can find what you need, when you want it. You no longer need to make do. You don’t need to work so hard to find what you need. While you are here you can choose a wallet, a purse, a new way that works for you. Your only problem is going to be choosing which gorgeous fabric you like best.